Effective Conflict Management



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  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Learn a conflict resolution model
  • Learn potential benefits of conflict when properly handled 
  • Become more confident in handling  interpersonal and common workplace conflict situations
  • Become aware of the different styles, outcomes and levels of conflict

Overview of the webinar

Managing conflicts efficiently is a skill everyone must have.  Each of us has a preferred style for resolving conflicts influenced by our personality and experiences dealing with situations in the past. However not all conflicts situations are the same. If you were to limit yourself to just one method of resolutions you are likely to encounter difficulties where that style might be inappropriate.

Who should attend?

Professionals and Managers who are looking to enhance their abilities to handle difficult situations and conversations in a productive way.

It is difficult to fight fair when we are fighting angry; we feel threatened and often our emotions block our good judgment. Fortunately, there are rules we can learn to fight fair in a real conflict situation. By learning these rules, we can become capable conflict-solvers.

Why should you attend?

There are many ways to avoid and resolve conflicts. However most of the methods are designed as a cure as they try to fix the conflict once it starts.  When it comes to preventing conflicts in the workplace, you can achieve prevention that help to create an environment that everyone tries to contribute to and is aware of the dangers of conflicts to avoid the unhealthy ones, and also aware of the benefits of certain conflicts to take advantage of the creativity they may bring.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your preferred style for resolving conflicts  
  • Learn about the five basic styles that revolve around the degree of power and the degree of involvement.
  • Understand about what conflicts are all about and the sources of conflict
  • Learn more about the stages of conflict and what you can do in each to 
  • Conflict versus confrontation what are the differences
  • How to get to a win-win for both parties
  • Understand the role that emotions play in conflict situations and what you can do

Faculty - Ms.Audrey Halpern

Audrey Halpern has had an exemplary 20+yr training facilitation/learning and development career. She develops custom soft skills employee programs, on-boarding and Trains the Trainer for a variety of industries.

She is an experienced Facilitator, instructional designer, and learning and development/HR and a Faculty member of AMA.


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